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Skywell Water Maker

Introducing the revolutionary Sharp Skywell Water Maker. If you are juggling multiple water options for employees and visitors, the Skywell may be your perfect solution. This attractive, standalone unit produces filtered, pure water from the natural humidity already in the air.

The Skywell Water Maker makes sense for every office because it:

  • Eliminates all plastic bottles, large and small
  • Eliminates costly and inefficient POU (Point of Use) dispensers
  • “Creates” water by removing the humidity in the air
  • Filters the water several times and monitors each drop for purity and consistency
  • Can be located anywhere a 120 VAC outlet is available
  • Provides hot and cold water
  • Individual employees can create and track hydration schedules for improved health
  • Eliminates the risk of employee injury from handling heavy, 5-gallon water bottles
Sharp Skywell Water Maker

How It Works

The Skywell Water Maker extract water from the humidity in your office air. The water uses multiple filtration stages along with ultraviolet light purification, and ozone treatment to eliminate nearly all contaminants.

The result of this rigorous process is the freshest, purest water you can get, far purer than municipal water and bottled water alternatives. And, it has the added benefit of being acceptable to employees and visitors with sensitivities to chemicals found in bottled water.

An 8” touchscreen and smartphone apps provide control for the Skywell Water Maker, both at the Skywell and remotely using your Wi-Fi network. The touch screen can display messages, welcome visitors, allow employees to create and access personal hydration schedules and more. The smartphone app provides remote management and employee access to their hydration schedules and results.

The future of office water supply is here in the Skywell Water Maker.

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Skywell Water Maker Features

  • 8” customizable touch display
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Smartphone apps available
  • Supports 12 - 15 people
  • Power requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 13 A
  • Dispenser temperature range (F): 37o - 202o
  • Daily production capacity: 5 gallons (dependent upon RH)
  • Cold tank capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Hot tank capacity: .21 gallons
  • Collection tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
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