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Sharp Open Systems Architecture (OSA) office applications enable companies to turn their OSA-compatible Sharp multifunction printers (MFP) into customized portals that allow employees to create, process, print, access, and store documents either across the office or around the world.

Sharp OSA applications allow you to increase effectiveness by enabling remote print, remote scan, cloud-based storage and collaboration, and other technologies to allow your team, department or entire company to work more efficiently and securely together.

Sharp Authorized OSA Integrator

Recognizing the importance of protecting valuable business information, Sharp OSA office applications are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing and future IT security policies. Additionally, OSA applications provide a suite of connectors for widely deployed business communication, network, and storage solutions.

Select approved Sharp Partners also offer applications to provide additional efficiency, convenience, and security to Sharp MFP equipment.

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Sharp Office Applications

AIP Connect provides secure, centralized management of connections to popular Microsoft products and cloud services including:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Blackboard
  • On Base

Capabilities include:

  • Auto-discovery of existing MFPs
  • “Push” MFP configurations, reducing IT workload
  • Integrate with existing and future IT security policies


Sharp AIP Office Automation

MX SW-100 is perfect for workgroups requiring authorization (release) to print secure information. This application provides IT departments with the ability to efficiently manage this activity by providing the following functionality:

  • On-demand print release of secure or sensitive information
  • Enable print release from any connected MFP
  • Option for additional identification by swiping employee IDs

RESTful Web API allows your IT department to configure your Sharp OSA-compatible MFPs to support Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or cloud-based operations by:

  • Managing the communication interaction with security devices like firewalls
  • Ensuring secure and scalable communications

Other Sharp OSA office applications for improving the efficiency and security of MFP scanning processes include the following connectors:

  • MyEmail - ensures delivery of scans only to known email addresses
  • MyFolder - IT-authenticated users have access to network folders directly from the MFP
  • Portal - scan securely to Microsoft SharePoint Servers
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