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Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Solutions (MPS) make more sense today than ever. Leveraging the machine intelligence that exists in our industry-leading brands enables BMC, Inc. to provide a higher level of service, equipment performance, automation, and cost savings than possible with traditional break-fix, maintenance agreement, or self-support alternatives.

Automate Everything

To put it simply, machine intelligence, office applications, and our backend support systems allow us to automate nearly every aspect of your office equipment performance and operation. By not needing to deal with equipment maintenance, your staff are free to get back to their primary responsibilities, ensures your equipment provides maximum uptime and reduces a wide number of costs that are typically “invisible” in daily operations.

MICAS cloud based managed printing

Here are just a few of the features possible with a MPS from BMC:

  • Machines automatically notify BMC when they need toner or ink.
  • Automated delivery of consumables eliminates PO preparation and service calls on your part.
  • Machines send error codes allowing our service techs to head off problems remotely...often even before the users know there is a problem.
  • Machines send preventive maintenance notifications, alerting our staff to schedule PM.
  • Replace the expense of multiple POs for individual purchases with one comprehensive MPS invoice.
  • Eliminate printing supply inventory costs and management.
  • Eliminates the possibility of staff ordering the wrong toner
  • Dramatically reduce demands on IT staff by eliminating printer, scanner, and copier help desk calls.
  • Integrated data agents eliminate physical meters and onsite reading. Precise information on consumption is sent directly to our accounting systems.
  • Access your service history online to see exactly what has been done to maintain your system.
  • Automated trouble and service call options dramatically speed up response times.

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How MPS Saves Money For Your Business

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from our Managed Print Solutions. Here are just a few examples:

Managed Print Solutions
  • Law offices often bill clients on a per page basis. You can track each client’s billable pages precisely and efficiently and maintain accurate documentation to verify the basis for the charges.
  • Companies often allocate equipment and support costs to individual departments based on usage. The data provided by the equipment’s data agents allows accurate departmental billing, eliminating budget battles.
  • For large corporations with multiple sites, MPS can eliminate the need for creating POs for each office and location. With the average PO costing over $100 to prepare, process and pay, the savings accrue quickly, especially when ordering a toner cartridge that costs $70. The single monthly invoice from BMC saves accounting and other costs and can provide whatever level of detail required for internal reporting and accounting purposes.
  • Studies show that 60% of the calls to IT departments deal with copier and printer issues. BMC assumes responsibility for these calls, eliminating that workload for IT staff. You can either redirect IT resources to more critical needs or meet core IT needs with a smaller staff.
  • For operations with HIPAA and Sarbanes/Oxley compliance requirements, a MPS contract is ideal. Data agents monitor the office equipment 24/7, sending usage and equipment condition information to BMC’s computers. These agents have no ability to see or manipulate content, so privacy and other compliance requirements are met, allowing you to experience the convenience and savings of a MPS for your business.

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MPS frees valuable resources for other duties, deliver savings in several areas and ensure that your backbone digital office solutions are always ready to support the needs of your workforce. Take a few minutes and contact us to learn how much an MPS can save your company or organization. Or call us at 818-787-2622

MPS Saves Money For Your Business