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Reopening Safely After Coronavirus with Health and Safety Products from BMC

There’s a “new normal” emerging from the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Americans return to schools, universities and work, millions of employees, students, patrons, teachers, staff and business owners alike are paying increased attention to workplace health and safety. At BMC, we’re helping you protect your patrons and employees post-COVID. That’s why we offer new products to help businesses who are reopening after coronavirus.

How can you protect yourself and your employees from COVID-19 in today’s “new normal?” With these products from AERUS, Sharp LivMote, and Sharp SkyWell, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve created a safe, healthy workplace for your employees to thrive.

AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology

One challenge for school & university administrators and business owners as they engineer a safe reopening after from COVID is air filtration. Research shows that the coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets.

These droplets can remain in an area from minutes to hours, infecting those that inhale them. But now, there’s a way to clean the air and surfaces in your workplace with AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology.

At BMC, we offer several different AERUS Air Filters: the Guardian Angel, Pure & Clean, Beyond Guardian Air and Guardian Home models.

These Aerus Products KILL COVID-19, Mold Spores and other hazardous pathogens in the air and on surfaces Within 3 Minutes.


AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology are a critical tool for post-coronavirus workplaces because they:

  • Eliminate COVID from workplace air and surfaces
  • Create and propel sanitizing molecules through the air
  • Are the most advanced air filtration systems available
  • Boast proven results - already used by schools, public buildings, and offices
  • EPA and NASA Approved
  • Require no installation
  • Are always on - air filters run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reassure your patrons and family members that their air is clean with printable AERUS badges
For the Safety of our Patrons
For the Safety of our Family

How AERUS Air Filters Work

Traditional HVAC systems are a building’s first line of defense against infectious agents. AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology are scientifically proven to kill the SARS-COV-2 virus. Using sanitary particles, AERUS filters penetrate and destroy COVID cells. While most filters only trap dangerous particles in the air, AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology completely destroys contaminants both in the air and on surfaces.

These filters do more than just fight COVID, though. They’re also designed with future pandemics and diseases in mind. AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology eliminate other common disease vectors like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. What’s more, they’re robust enough to provide all day, every day protection for your patrons and employees.

Discover how AERUS ActivePure Technology kills COVID. Click to download the PDF.

AERUS Air Filters Features

How can you learn more about AERUS’ Air Filters with ActivePure Technology? View our AERUS Products here, or  Contact us online or call us today at 818-787-2622 today about AERUS Filters for your company.

KILLS COVID-19, Mold Spores and Other Hazardous Pathogens in the Air and on Surfaces Within 3 Minutes

According to the EPA, adding portable filtration to existing HVAC systems is an effective added protective measure to keep staff, students and patrons safe. In order to help BMC’s many clients reopen and stay open safely, BMC has partnered with Aerus ActivePure Technology.

ActivePure technology is scientifically proven to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) in the air and on surfaces and is already being used by millions of people in hospitals, medical practices, offices, schools, homes, hotels and more.

The Only Technology Available in Products Proven to Reduce COVID-19 on Both Surfaces and In the Air.

The big difference between ActivePure devices and all other air purifiers is that ours DESTROYS 99.9% of all airborne and surface contaminants. Other air purifiers only filter particles from the air and may only trap and not destroy pathogens. Our portable units require no installation and can be used 24/7 in occupied spaces.

Aerus is American-made, and designed together with NASA and used on the Space Station.

Sharp LivMote

When it comes to COVID, savvy business owners and managers know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t just respond to the virus - be proactive. That’s why more businesses, schools and universities are turning to Sharp’s LivMote Touchless Temperature Scanners.

These touchless scanners protect your patrons and employees by checking staff, customers, contractors, visitors and others for symptoms of COVID-19 before granting them access to the workplace.

Sharp’s LivMote Touchless Temperature Scanners

LivMote Touchless Temperature Scanners are a critical tool for post-coronavirus workplaces because they:

  • Check temperature quickly and accurately
  • Integrate zero touchpoint scanning
  • Feature a tamper-proof mounting system
  • Prioritize employee privacy
  • Provide peerless data security
  • Comply with healthcare regulations
  • Boast seamless software integration

How LivMote Works

The principle behind LivMote is simple. By preventing infected individuals from entering a business, company owners and managers can help protect their employees and stop the spread of COVID-19. Sharp’s LivMote Touchless Temperature Scanner does this by checking potential coronavirus vectors before they have the chance to infect workers.

Thanks to its zero touch operation, LivMote won’t spread COVID itself. If it detects heightened temperature, LivMote automatically sends notifications to managers or business owners. Worried about privacy? No problem. LivMote doesn’t feature any facial scanning software. Instead, employees and visitors identify themselves with an individualized QR code. And with best-in-class digital security, you can rest easy knowing that your data is completely secure.

LivMote Features

  • Thermal scanner detects temperature in 0.2 seconds within 0.5 degrees fahrenheit under proper conditions
  • Antimicrobial film covers screen
  • Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform
  • HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR Compliant (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • Automated threat reporting
  • Control with a phone via WiFi
  • Invented by former NASA engineers
  • Tailored for government, office, education, and healthcare settings

Want to learn more about LivMote’s health screening abilities?   View our Sharp LivMote Products, or  Contact us online or call us today at 818-787-2622

Sharp Skywell Water Maker

In the time before Coronavirus, employees congregated at the water cooler to hydrate and talk shop. How can you reintroduce that sense of normalcy to your workplace post-COVID? Meet the revolutionary Sharp Skywell Water Maker. This attractive, standalone unit produces pure, filtered water from the natural humidity present in the air.

The Skywell Water Maker makes sense for every post-COVID office because it:

  • Removes costly and inefficient POU (Point of Use) dispensers
  • “Creates” water by removing the humidity in the air
  • Filters the water several times and monitors each drop for purity and consistency
  • Can be located anywhere a 120 VAC outlet is available. No plumbing required.
  • Provides hot and cold water
  • Individual employees can create and track hydration schedules for improved health
  • Eliminates the risk of employee injury from handling heavy, 5-gallon water bottles
  • Eliminates the need for water-service delivery people, who typically visit dozens of other offices each day, increasing their potential for COVID exposure, and yours.
Sharp Skywell Water Maker
Sharp Skywell Water Maker Display

How Skywell Water Makers Work

The Skywell Water Maker extracts water from the humidity in your office air. The water uses multiple filtration stages along with ultraviolet light purification, and ozone treatment to eliminate nearly all contaminants.

The result of this rigorous process is the freshest, purest water you can get - much purer than municipal water and bottled water alternatives. What’s more, employees and visitors with sensitivities to the chemicals in bottled water can safely enjoy pure Skywell H2O.

An 8” touchscreen provides control for the Skywell Water Maker. Or you can operate your Skywell entirely touchless with your phone over your Wi-Fi network. The touch screen displays messages, welcomes visitors, allows employees to create and access personal hydration schedules, and more. The smartphone app provides remote management and employee access to their hydration schedules and results.

The future of office water supply is here in the Skywell Water Maker.

Skywell Water Maker Features

  • 8” customizable touch display
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Smartphone apps available
  • Supports 12 - 15 people
  • Power requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 13 A
  • Dispenser temperature range (F): 37o - 202o
  • Daily production capacity: 5 gallons (dependent upon RH)
  • Cold tank capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Hot tank capacity: .21 gallons
  • Collection tank capacity: 1.6 gallons

Interested in learning more about Skywell’s advanced hydration station?  View our SkyWell products here, or  Contact us online or call us today at 818-787-2622.

Reopening Safely After Coronavirus with BMC

With proper planning and equipment, you can make reopening safely after coronavirus a success for your company. What’s more, products like AERUS Air Filters and the LivMote and SkyWell systems by Sharp can facilitate your reopening in a timely manner. To take the first step on the path to the “new normal,” contact us online or by phone at 818-787-2622.