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Since 1971, BMC has been supplying solutions from leading brands to meet the complex digital imaging, copying, and printing needs of businesses in Southern California. If you are a governmental operation, big business, small business, or even a home-based business, BMCs skilled staff can help you design a solution tailored to your unique needs.

We now also feature Health & Safety products to help you Reopen After Covid-19.

BMC is brand “agnostic” in that we approach each solution from the perspective of the client's needs rather than being locked into a single brand.

That said, we’ve made an important addition to our product line-up: BMC is proud to bring Epson’s innovative, environmentally responsible Heat-Free Printers and MFPs to you.

Only The Best Award-Winning Brands

Where BMC is not “agnostic” is when it comes to the quality of the vendors they represent. For more than 40 years, BMC has met the needs of clients with the very best brands available. Today, those brands are unquestionably Sharp, HP, and Lexmark, as well as OKi, Fujitsu, Dell, Belkin, Muratec, Panasonic, Konica-Minolta, and Brother. Our intention is to build a lifetime relationship with our clients, so there is no room for second-rate equipment.

BLI (Buyer’s Laboratory), a prominent industry organization in the document imaging equipment and solutions industry, rates these products every year. Each of our three brands has recently received special recognition.

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Epson is a major innovator and manufacturer of computer- and network-attached printers whose printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) provide crisp, beautiful high-quality printed results equal to or better than any competitor, whether inkjet, thermal, dot-matrix or laser-based print technology. 

But Epson’s pioneering PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology is dramatically improving the TCO of their WorkForce MFP line while reducing negative environmental impacts one page at a time. These printers eliminate heat from the printing process, provide no-wait printing and reduce the printing process from eight steps to three.

Have any questions about Epson Printers or any of our other products? Contact us online or by phone at 818-787-2622.

Sharp Electronics Corporation

Sharp is already well-known for its comprehensive array of document systems (multifunction printers, dedicated printers), professional displays, and the interactive Aquos “whiteboard.” Responding to the demand for automation of document workflow to empower 21st Century workforces, Sharp’s Open System Architecture (OSA) office applications tie systems together in a highly secure manner, enabling global access, collaboration, and document management.

But that’s not all. Sharp is helping businesses navigate a safe reopening after COVID with products to protect your patrons and employees like the Skywell Water Maker and LivMote Touchless Temperature Scanner.

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Have any questions about Sharp LivMote, SkyWell, or any of our other products? Contact us online or by phone at 818-787-2622.

AERUS Air Filters Featuring ActivePure Technology


Why Isn't Everybody Talking About Destroying COVID-19 in Indoor Air and Surfaces?

At BMC, we are!

Many people are worried about reopening safely after COVID-19. Thanks to AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology, patrons and employees alike can breathe easy. These space-age filters are scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9 percent of SARS-COV-2 droplets within 3 minutes in any indoor setting. What’s more, they can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, helping workplaces stay one step ahead of the next pandemic.

Currently deployed by Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Clinic, and the X-Games, AERUS Air Filters are making it safe again for employees to return to the workplace. At BMC, we offer three different AERUS Air Filters: Pure & Clean, Guardian Angel, and Beyond Guardian Air. 

Learn more about AERUS Air Filters featuring ActivePure Technology.

View product details about AERUS Air Filters with ActivePure Technology in our catalog.

Have any questions about AERUS Air Filters or any of our other products? Contact us online or by phone at 818-787-2622.

HP, Inc.

HP is a long-standing player in office automation from the desktop to the printed page. Their document management offering includes MFPs, dedicated printers, and printer/copier solutions. HP has an extensive array of wide format printers for uses cases that include architectural/engineering practices, construction companies, and GIS/mapping operations.

HP has responded to market demands for document workflow automation with their JetIntelligence, JetAdvantage Private Print, and related applications. These applications provide advanced print management to ensure maximum print output while hardening printers against cyber-attacks, a real risk in a world-wide, networked document management solution.


Lexmark International, Inc.

Brands - Lexmark Printers

Lexmark started with printers and is still focused on the printing market today. They offer quality products in many of the same product categories as Sharp and HP. One area where Lexmark seeks to differentiate itself is with developing solutions for specific vertical markets or industries. They have tailored document solutions for banking, healthcare, government, insurance, and others.

In response to the automation requirements in today’s market, Lexmark offers a series of solutions addressing cloud, security, print, and capture. Through enabling connectors and applications, these solutions allow Lexmark users to create the integrated, secure, and flexible document management solution many buyers demand.

Discover how testing makes Lexmark's products so good.


The Formax Product Line is the most reliable, dependable, and user friendly equipment generating, creating and destroying documents. Formax offers a huge product line for specialty printing, print finishing, mailing, data destruction, and more. You can find Formax systems anywhere from local print shops to Fortune 500 companies, where they help to improve productivity and efficiency. And every product is backed by on-site service and support.


Let’s Talk

If you are in the market for an office equipment solution, whether a simple printer or a fully automated document management solution, let BMC and our highly trained and experienced staff work with you to design the perfect solution. Once we know what you need, we can meet those needs from one of our premier vendors. Contact us or give us a call at 818-787-2622 and see how the BMC approach can meet your needs perfectly.

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