Managed Print Services

Save Money with Managed Print Services from BMC.

Companies don't always stop to consider how much their printing process cost them. According to Gartner Group Output Fleets Consume up to 3-7% of Annual Revenue. Printing, copying and other output... "[are the] last bastion of un-audited corporate costs... Most companies could reduce their printing expenditures by 10-30%"

Companies can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year through inefficient printing practices. If companies do not have a way of checking how their inkjet or laser printers or Copier-MFPs are being used, they can lose business and revenue due to printing waste and slowed operations.

BMC can help keep your workplace running smoothly. With BMC's managed print services (MPS) we can streamline your Copier-MFPs and Printers to ensure that they integrate effectively with your daily activities.

Benefits of Printer and Copier-MFP Management

BMC's Managed Print Services (MPS) and Copier-MFP services allow you to control your printing expenses:

Features of Managed Print Services

As part of BMC's MPS program, BMC will monitor your Copier-MFPs and Printers on your network remotely. We'll see in advance whenever you need supplies or your equipment needs servicing. The Copier-MFPs and Printers will automatically provide toner alerts and meter readings. We will automatically ship toners before they're needed so that you do not need to inventory supplies.

MPS will also provide:
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